Duram Rubber Products is today one of the leading manufacturers of picking fingers for automatic defeathering machines. Duram produces a wide range of high quality picking fingers for all types of picking equipment available on the international market. Duram fingers are produced by modern computer controlled equipment in large quantities and are distributed in many countries all over the world.

  Duram Picking Fingers

The use of only high quality raw materials, progressive production techniques, concientious design and strict quality control over all production stages ensure the fingers efficient performance and long duration in the picker, thereby saving costs and replacement time.
The wide choice of fingers and hardness degrees enables each plant to choose the best fingers for it's specific conditions and needs.
All the rubber compounds used for Duram fingers are USDA approved and are safe for contact with food.


Duram fingers are also available in anti-bacterial form. Made from a special, sophisticated and unique compound which prevents the growth of bacteria such as Salmonela on the fingers, these fingers are available in all sizes and hardness degrees.

photo of Duram Picking Fingers
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